Thursday, 10 February 2022
The PostHouse Indonesia approved by Netflix as their IMF Vendor to create and deliver IMF packages

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Netflix, the premiere online video streaming service, has recently approved The PostHouse Indonesia (PHI), a local post-production company with over 12 years of combined creative and technical experience, to create and deliver Interoperable Master Format or IMF packages.

IMF is the mastering format being utilised by the subscription-based streaming service. This file format is more robust because of its technical specifications. The standard encoding setting for each IMF package is four times that of a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). It can also handle both HDR and SDR colour reproduction. Currently, the format supports HD and Ultra HD 4K resolutions at varying frame rates. It supports all major audio formats ranging from the usual Stereo mix to the 5.1 and 7.1 norm, up to the de facto Dolby Atmos format. The component-based media format gives the opportunity for producers to future proof their content.

“There was a week-long training period for accreditation that involved both technical and hands-on examinations” The PostHouse Indonesia Managing Director Peace Villow recounted. After its accreditation, PHI has now become an “approved IMF vendor” of Netflix. The PostHouse Indonesia has thus become one of the key post-production company in Indonesia to secure this approval from the American media services provider and production company.

“We’re a boutique facilities that specialise in providing world-class post production services for commercials, episodic series and feature films. You can expect the highest level of quality with an internationally recognised team using the latest software available today.” Peace concluded.