Thursday, 10 February 2022
The PostHouse Indonesia approved by Netflix as their IMF Vendor to create and deliver IMF packages
JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Netflix, the premiere online video streaming service, has recently approved The PostHouse Indonesia (PHI), a local post-production company with over 12 years of combined creative and technical experience, to create and deliver Interoperable Master Format or IMF packages. IMF is the mastering format being utilised by the subscription-based streaming service. This file format is more robust because of its technical specifications. The standard encoding setting for each IMF package is four times that of a Digital Cinema ...
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Tuesday, 7 April 2020
Virtual Color Grading
We're looking for a partner to do a collaboration with The PostHouse offering virtual color grading service for your clients around the globe. If you're a boutique post-facility (Asia region) that don't have a color grading room/facility but want to offer your clients a color grading service we're happy to help you. Please contact us at for more information. ...
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